“The evidence is clear, irrefutable, and comes from many independent sources: Propane is the best choice of transportation fuel for light duty fleet operators in Canada, who want to reduce operating costs, while reducing harmful emissions.”


~ Gerald Higgins, PhD. IVEY School of Business, Western University

It's Easy Being Green: Use Propane, Choose EDPRO


We are in an era of change and accountability. It’s time to choose propane as your fuel alternative.

Using propane will reduce the amount of harmful emissions we are putting into our environment.

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    Propane has a lower carbon footprint than gasoline

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    Up to 26% less lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

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    Up to 18% less CO2 at the point of combustion

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    20% less nitrogen oxide at the point of combustion

Propane Is A Trusted Automotive Fuel Worldwide


With over 25 million propane vehicles worldwide, with around 60,000 in Canada.*

* Canadian Propane Association

What We Will Do for Your Fleet

Tall Propane Dispenser
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    Convert your fleet to propane fuel

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    Post production engine technologies

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    Competitively price propane fuel supply

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    Dispensing infrastructure

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    Customized dispenser designs

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    Employee and technician training

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    Regulatory support and licensing

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    Certified OEM vehicle technicians

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    Manufacturer approved field support

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    24/7 maintenance and service program

Robert Allen

Our Fleet customers achieves a significantly lower cost of ownership through reduced fuel and maintenance cost while benefiting the environment through the use of low carbon fuels.


Robert Allen
Director of Fleet Solutions

Modern Dispensers Offering The Highest Level Of Operator Safety

modern dispensers customized fueling equipment

Customized Fueling Equipment

Every customer is unique, that is why we work with you to offer the best solution for your fleet. We design customized fueling equipment for each customers current and future needs with a focus on the highest level of operator safety and ease of use.

propane dispensers

Propane Dispensers

Our latest generation of propane dispensers are designed to meet the needs of today’s modern liquid fuel injection technologies and offer fueling times comparable to traditional fuels.

Our equipment installations are supported through a comprehensive 24/7 maintenance and service program.


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3 Reasons To Use Propane For Your Fleet As An Alternative Fuel

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Save Money On Fuel And Lower Maintenance Costs

EDPRO operates and supports in-house conversion and maintenance facilities staffed by experienced technicians.

Post factory conversion costs are quickly absorbed due to lower propane fuel costs and reduced vehicle maintenance. Many fleet customers realize a payback on conversion costs in the first year of ownership. Our fleet specialists can provide conversion costs applicable to your current vehicles makes and models.

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Conversion Costs

Propane provides savings of at least 40% comparative to that of gasoline. An in-house wholesale dispenser program offers even greater savings.

Low Carbon propane fuel significantly reduces costs by eliminating complex emission components and costly diesel engine service requirements.

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Propane Is A Cleaner Choice

EDPRO is committed to safe and environmentally complaint standards. Propane emits 60% less carbon monoxide (CO) than gasoline, 98% less particulate matter than diesel and contains virtually no sulfur--a contributor to acid rain. It emits practically no soot, and low hydrogen and oxides of nitrogen, which are the basics precursors of ground-lever ozone, or smog.

Propane as a transportation fuel also produces lower levels of air toxins than either gasoline or diesel.

Choose Propane . . . Choose EDPRO

Fleets Who Benefit By Using Propane As An Alternative To Gasoline & Diesel Fuel

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    School & Shuttle Buses

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    Police & EMS Vehicles

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    Courier & Urban Delivery

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    Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicles

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    Specialty Transportation

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    Other High Consumption Vehicles

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Reduce Your Fleet’s Cost & Emissions: Propane Can Do That


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