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Please keep all tanks and cylinder cages easily accessible; remove anything that would block access. Trim bushes, trees, and remove debris so our drivers can easily access your tanks and cylinders.

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EDPRO Payment Options

Pro Monthly Payments

Equalized PRO-Monthly Payments

For Bulk Customers


If you would like the convenience of knowing exactly how much your payments will be each month, you can budget using our Equal PRO-Monthly Payment Plan. You can amortize your yearly bill over a 10 month period, August through May, with June and July as reconciliation months. You get the security of being able to budget fixed monthly costs for all your fuel, tanks and equipment rentals, along with the added convenience of automated payment withdrawal.

Pro Payment Plan

The Pro-Payment Plan

Easy and Efficient


EDPRO has an easier and, more convenient way, for you to attend to your account, automatically. If you choose, our PRO-Payment Plan can eliminate the trouble of having to go to a financial institution to pay your bill or, even having to go on-line. Simply arrange for an automatic bank withdrawal and all your billing issues will be attended to. Easily and efficiently. The EDPRO way.

EDPRO Always Offers Options


Of course, with EDPRO, you always have options. For other convenient payment methods you can:

It’s All About Giving You The Freedom You Want.


Should you have any further questions about EDPRO or any of our billing options, simply call us at our toll-free number (1-877-693-3776), and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Current Propane News

About Propane

Propane is a very versatile fuel. Because of its versatility and easily transportable nature, propane is used in many applications throughout Canada and around the world.

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Carbon Pricing

Effective April 1, 2019, as part of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, the federal government introduced a fuel charge on all carbon-based fuels consumed in the Province of Ontario.

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GGPPA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing? In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging energy efficiency and cleaner energy options, the federal government has introduced the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can join the many Southern Ontario customers who trust and depend on EDPRO at any time. In most cases, if your tank is full we can pump it out and transfer it into your new EDPRO supplied tank.

No EDPRO does not have extra delivery fees.

Yes we offer an Equal PRO-Monthly Payment Plan giving you the convenience of knowing exactly how much your payments will be each month.

EDPRO offers several ways to pay your bill: Send a chq in the mail, pay online (add us as a payee and use your Account ID), we can set up automatic withdrawal from your bank account, it’s all about giving you the freedom you want. Should you have any further questions about EDPRO or any of our billing options, simply call us at 1-877-69EDPRO, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Both are located in the centre of your fuel invoice under the EDPRO logo. On Rental Invoices both are located on the top right hand corner.

Our head office is in London; and we operate from terminals in London, Stoney Creek, Brampton and Holland Landing giving us the ability to deliver to our customers in Southern Ontario.

EDPRO is proud to offer transparent pricing. This means we have pricing for the Ontario market which is based on wholesale pricing by producers. Your propane price will fluctuate as the wholesale price changes. Residential prices and price change history can be found on our website. Our transparent pricing approach helps us to build trust in our relationship with you. Click here for residential prices and our price change history.

Safety is our main concern so if you suspect you have a faulty cylinder tag it off and place it back in the cylinder container (cage). EDPRO will replace the cylinder next time we deliver.

Carbon pricing is listed as a separate line on all bulk propane invoices. For propane sold in cylinders, carbon pricing is incorporated into the cost of propane per cylinder.

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