Safe Forklift  Cylinder Change-Over Procedures



Reminder: Ontario regulations state that no person shall handle propane unless the person is a holder of a certificate or Record of Training for that purpose. Successful completion of Ministry of Labour approved forklift operatorís training program meets this requirement. For comprehensive instruction EDPRO offers Safe Handling of Propane for Forklift Operators training.

Cylinders should be exchanged in a well ventilated location.  
Ensure there is no source of ignition within 3 meters (10 ft).  
Gloves and eye protection should be worn.  
            Safe Procedures  
  1. Park forklift on level area and engage parking brake.  
  2. Tightly close liquid service valve.  

  3. Continue to run the engine until the propane gas lines are empty. Turn ignition off.  
  4. Loosen and remove the female quick coupling adaptor.  

  5. Remove straps or clamps holding cylinder in place.  

  6. Lift the valve end of the cylinder up and away from the alignment pin.  

  7. Return empty cylinder to outside propane storage cabinet.  

  8. Check full cylinder to ensure liquid service valve is closed.  

  9. Place cylinder onto mounting bracket with alignment hole down.  

  10. Ensure alignment pin (if equipped) lines up with alignment hole.  

  11. Install and tighten straps or clamps.  

  12. Hand tighten female quick coupling adaptor onto cylinder.  

  13. Slowly open liquid service valve. Valve must be fully open.  

  14. Check for leaks using liquid leak detector.