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current residential pricing

Residential Propane Pricing (Zone 4)

Residential Propane Pricing Compare our current prices to what you are now paying. Also, examine our price change history and you may find that your total energy charges could be reduced under our pricing approach.

Prices for deliveries after: Mar 3, 2021
Annual Consumption/Price/litre

4,500 - 9,999
$ .646
2,500 - 4,499
$ .667
1,500 - 2,499
$ .718
1,000 - 1,499
$ .782
Less than 1,000
$ .830


Above prices will have the Ontario Cap and Trade greenhouse gas emission reduction program fee, currently set at $0.02870 per litre, added and shown as a separate line item on all invoices.


Service Rates

Type of Service Rate per Hour
New installation of equipment $75
Repair calls $75

All Prices for product or services identified in the EDPRO Posted Prices and Rates are in effect on the day posted and are subject to change without notice

We work hand-in-hand with our Associate Dealers Account Reps and delivery personnel to ensure that you get the best service possible.
Sarah Johnston, Vice President Administration