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What Consumers Should Know
About Installation Regulations

The regulations covering propane installations in Ontario are made under the Technical Standards and Safety Act and regulated by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, TSSA.

Under the Act, all propane installations must conform to the CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code and the CSA B149.2 Propane Storage and Handling Code

Installations must conform to the Code in force at the time of the installation. If the Code is changed subsequent to the installation, the installation does not need to be brought up to the revised Code unless a specific, significant safety concern is perceived whereas a Director’s Order would be issued.

A propane supplier can only supply fuel to an installation once they have completed an inspection of the entire system and are satisfied that the installation complies with the Regulations.This inspection must be conducted prior to initial supply and within 10 years thereafter.

A contractor performing work on a propane system must be a Registered Contractor. The person performing work must hold a valid G.1 or G.2 Gas Technician certificate.

For very specific applications, such as connections of construction heaters, a Record of Training may be issued allowing persons without a Gas Technicians certificate to perform this specific work.

A homeowner may work on a propane system in a detached residential dwelling occupied by that person, however before any newly installed appliance can be activated the installation must be inspected by a Certificate Holder. This applies only to an owner-occupied residence and does not apply to rental, commercial or agricultural buildings.

If an Unacceptable Condition (some portion of the installation does not conform to the Regulations) that does not constitute an Immediate Hazard is discovered, the owner can be provided up to 90 days notice by the Contractor to have the condition rectified. If the condition is not repaired within the allocated time period, the distributor is obligated to suspend delivery of fuel.

If an Unacceptable Condition (some portion of the installation does not conform to the Regulations) that is considered an Immediate Hazard is discovered, the fuel supply must be immediately shut off and tagged. The user can not use the appliance until the condition is corrected

For detailed information contact EDPRO at
1-877-693-3776 or TSSA at 1-877- 682-8772

Transparent Pricing

EDPRO's fuel pricing for the Ontario market is based on wholesale pricing by producers in Sarnia. We move our customers' prices upward and downward co-incident with each fluctuation in our wholesale supply cost.We refer to this as "transparent pricing". We believe it builds trust in our relationship with you.

Local Community Suppliers

Our associate dealers live and raise their families in your local communities and pride themselves on delivering the best possible products and services. Our 24/7 service availability means you have peace of mind year-round with a safe and reliable energy supply program.