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Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is involved if I am a current propane customer and want to switch to EDPRO?
    Before EDPRO will deliver propane we would need to document the pricing and terms in a simple Customer Agreement and have a Gas Technician complete an installation inspection to confirm all aspects of the gas installation are safe and compliant.
  2. The propane storage tank I have on my property belongs to the current supplier. Does EDPRO supply tanks?
    EDPRO offers all sizes of tanks for sale or for rent; we will advise you as to the right size for you. Note that the price of propane excludes any charges related to tanks. Each is billed separately in the event that you choose to rent your tank.
  3. Is changing the propane tank a simple process?
    Our experienced Gas Technicians will look after everything. Propane supply to your appliances will only need to be interrupted for a few minutes and the entire process will just take a couple hours.
  4. Do I need to wait until my propane tank is empty before changing to EDPRO?
    Not necessarily. In most cases any remaining propane can be pumped from your existing tank to your new EDPRO supplied tank.
  5. Does EDPRO have after hour’s emergency service?
    Absolutely. Just call our regular office number that is live answered 24 hours a day. We’re there whenever you need us.

london terminalJeff McLean, Technical Service Leader

Transparent Pricing

EDPRO's fuel pricing for the Ontario market is based on wholesale pricing by producers in Sarnia. We move our customers' prices upward and downward co-incident with each fluctuation in our wholesale supply cost.We refer to this as "transparent pricing". We believe it builds trust in our relationship with you.

Local Community Suppliers

Our associate dealers live and raise their families in your local communities and pride themselves on delivering the best possible products and services. Our 24/7 service availability means you have peace of mind year-round with a safe and reliable energy supply program.