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Compliance Capability

Energy Industry Realities

Because of escalating government regulations, our industry faces unprecedented costs of operating in a compliant manner. Energy distributors are highly regulated today and for understandable reasons. We must work with hazardous materials and do so safely for all concerned - for our customers, our employees, the public at large and of course for our shareholders.

Regulatory agencies such as the Technical Standards and Safety Authority have increased their level of operations and installations scrutiny on behalf of all stakeholders.

Property and Third Party Liability
Insurance Costs - Harsh Realities

As a direct result of recent changes in world-wide risk conditions, insurance companies continue to evaluate each sector of our industry and have raised their premiums for all forms of coverage from 30% to 100% in recent years. Many in our industry have been denied insurance coverage due to the perceived risk their insurer sees today in the way they do business. This situation leaves many scrambling for new insurance providers and potentially compromising their future by having to settle for less than adequate coverage.

Workers  Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)

Given the hazardous nature of our products and services, worker safety is more critical than ever before. Job-related injuries leading to WSIB claims can be taxing burdens to shoulder for a small to medium-sized business and can linger on for years.

The Right Remedy

To continue to operate our businesses at a profit we must invest to develop safe and compliant operations - if not, we risk losing the value we have created to-date.

At EDPRO, we are committed to a significant investment in internal compliance capabilities because it makes sound business sense - in the long-run we are certain that this investment will generate meaningful returns by way of:

Compliance Diagnostics

To ensure that all aspects of our operations are fully compliant, we have designed and developed proprietary operational and regulatory compliance diagnostics.

These diagnostics have been reviewed and welcomed by our property and liability insurance carriers and certain regulatory authorities as relevant.